Various parts created from rubber to metal bonding

Various components created using our rubber to metal bonding process.

Many parts and components used in modern equipment and other applications require a process which can bond rubber to metal and other material. Our team can bond rubber components to steel, brass aluminum and even plastic. If you have a special application or need assistance with a product design contact us today and we can help. We have the experience and equipment to produce high quantities of rubber bonded parts with accurate tolerances quickly and efficiently. Feel free to browse through our site and let us know your specific project needs. These quality bonded rubber products are used throughout many industries including mining, bottling / glass products, and anywhere a component needs to have rubber securely bonded to a different type of material.

Small parts with bonded rubber

Small metal parts with bonded rubber added.

The images on this page side show a variety of different rubber parts bonded to metal and brass.  All of these items are proudly produced by Southern Michigan Rubber, Inc. Another image below highlight the small and intricate parts we can create when bonding our rubber to your metal part or component.  Excellent quality control and attention to detail are paramount when dealing with components of this size and SMR delivers.  Contact us today for more information.

metal to rubber bonding

Metal to rubber bonding on custom part.