Molded Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets are rings inserted into or through a hole or puncture in a material typically used to prevent wear, tearing or abrasion. This can be to protect the material where the grommet is installed, or even to protect other materials, like cables, wires or tubing passing through the hole. They can also be used as a dress or cosmetic improvement on a product with a puncture that contains sharp or uneven edges. Grommets are typically flared or collared on either side to keep them in place and are sometimes called eyelets. Additionally, they can be used to reinforce a punctured area or corner of a material. Our rubber grommets are manufactured with the tightest tolerances and can be made for a variety of industries and uses. They can also be bonded to metal parts or other pieces for reinforcement or other functional or cosmetic purposes. You can read more about our rubber to metal bonding process and techniques by clicking over to that section of our website here.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.