Rubber Molded Gaskets

Quality rubber molded gaskets.

Rubber gaskets are mechanical seals provided to fill the area between two or more mating surfaces. Most commonly used to prevent the leaking of fluid or other substances where these objects or mating surfaces meet under some sort of compression. They can also be used as a buffer or compensation for irregularities on any joined surfaces or mating components. Our rubber gaskets can be made to your exact specifications and our customers use them throughout a broad range of industries including food service, RV (recreational vehicle), plumbing and heating, automotive and countless others. Our rubber gaskets can be designed to your specifications and we have experience with a variety of different styles. Whether you need a custom gasket design, or have an existing specification we can help. Contact us today for more information and to get the conversation started.

Rubber Gaskets

Rubber gaskets by SMR

The two examples shown here are both produced by our team here in SW Michigan.  The orange rectangle shaped gaskets shown on the top are molded to exacting customer specifications and used in the food service industry by a globally recognized restaurant chain.  The black gaskets shown on the left are precision molded and can be mass produced for large quantity orders. Contact us today for more information or to receive pricing.