Southern Michigan Rubber, Inc. offers two types of rubber molding; compression and transfer. Rubber compression molding is a process where pre-heated rubber material is placed in a heated mold cavity (single or multi cavity). Once closed off or reassembled, pressure is applied to the mold forcing the rubber material into contact with all internal surface areas of the mold itself. Once this point has been reached the heat and pressure will be continuously applied until the rubber has cured. Rubber transfer molding is similar to compression molding in concept but adds an extra step to the process. The transfer happens when the rubber material to be molded is measured and placed into a pot or pre-form and pre-heated. From this point a plunger takes the material and forces it through channeling into the closed mold which is heated above the melting point of the material; allowing a rapid flow and distribution throughout the cavity or cavities. At SMR, Inc. we have the capability to handle both short and long run rubber molding parts orders depending on the customer need. We also offer an expedited tooling design of 2-6 weeks as a standard. Additionally, our team can also provide rapid prototype or short turn around projects on request. Among our wide array of equipment we also employ a cryogenic de-flasher to help with the removal of excess materials or flash, attached to the rubber part after the molding process is finished. Our molding process allows for work pieces up to 24” x 24”. Rubber to metal bonding with all common metals is also available from very small, detailed, parts on up to larger components. SMR, Inc. can accommodate either single or multi cavity molding using either steel or aluminum molds. Whatever your requirements may be, we are the experienced choice. Contact us today for more details.


  • Short and long run projects
  • Standard expedited tooling design, 2 to 6 weeks
  • Prototype/short turnaround projects
  • Cryogenic deflashing operation
  • 24” x 24” size capability
  • Rubber to metal bonding, all common metals
  • Single and multicavity molding
  • Aluminum and steel molds
  • Standard and custom rubber formulation

Assorted molded rubber parts from Southern Michigan Rubber, Inc.

Metal part bonded to molded rubber.