Lathe cut rubber can produce high quality seals, gaskets, washers, spacers and hose at an affordable price. Once the proper rubber has been selected it is then milled and extruded into the basic rough shape. The material is then loaded onto a sized mandrel and wrapped which applies even pressure to the rubber over the mandrel. From here the whole unit is placed inside an auto-clave for curing. After being removed from the oven the roll or tube is stripped of the wrapping material and removed from the mandrel. The tube is then loaded onto another sized mandrel and placed into a lathe or grinder this process reduces the material down to the correct depth or wall and also establishes the desired finish. The tube is again removed from the mandrel, placed onto a cutting mandrel and loaded into a cutter.

The cutter is set to produce the precise individual parts. These parts can be cut square with flat edges or can be angle cut to become a chamfer, angular or V-groove seal. The rubber can also be thin square cut for use as a gasket, or cut to length as a rubber tube or hose. This process is very precise to allow for tight tolerances and easily reproducible for large runs. We also accommodate short part runs so be sure and contact us today, or click through to our quote request page.

You can also check out some of our other informational pages to see different types of rubber products we can create by extruding and lathe cutting.  Here are some examples of hydraulic seals and some background information about common uses. Thanks again for checking out our site and we hope to hear from you soon.


  •  Standard and custom blended rubber compounds to ASTM D2000 specifications
  • Nitrile/buna-n 40 – 90
  • Neoprene 25 – 90
  • Silicone 30 – 80
  • Low temperature silicone -100.F
  • Fluorocarbons 50 – 90
  • Urethane 40 – 80
  • EPDM 40 – 90
  • SBR 40 – 90
  • Natural Rubber 40 – 70
  • HNBR 40 – 80


  •  Carboxylated nitrile available 50 – 90
  • Fire retardant neoprenes 25 – 90
  • High temperature silicones – 100.F to 500.F
  • High molecular weight EPDM
  • Many colors available
  • Non conductive / conductive blends
  • Internally lubricated compounds
  • FDA approved ingredient components
  • FDA approved compounds
  • Multilayer durometer gaskets

Extruded rubber before core is inserted and Lathe cutting process begins.

Rubber gaskets cut on a lathe.